burners Here are some pics of my burners #1 is a 70k btu King Kooker casting orderd from Cajun Outdoor part #WKAF1, I have it under the kettle. And burner# 2 under the HLT came from a turkey fryer stand purchased from Gander Mountain 2 years ago, not really sure what the btu's are but will boil 10 Gallons with no problems.  
Here is a close-up of my recirculation coil inside the HLT (which is full of water) you can also see the thermometer guard on the 6" probe.
kettle Here is a close-up of the immersion chiller mounted inside the boil kettle and the recirculating wand. You'll also notice a dip tube at the bottom with a scrubby attached, the scrubby has since been replaced (didn't work so well)
  Here is a close-up of the input and output for the immersion chiller mounted in the boil kettle. chiller in and out
dip tube

Here is the replacement for the scrubby on the dip tube. Its made from brass mesh purchased from a local hardware store for $1.00 per foot.


Here is a pic of the frame. I made it out of used bed frames (very sturdy)
recirculation wand Here is a closeup of the recirculation wand, it just clips on the immersion chiller at the couplings inside the kettle.  
Here's the inside of the mash tun with the false bottom, thermometer guard, and the return manifold with male quick connect.
Mash Tun
drawling Here is a drawling of how everything should work.  
Here is a close up of the pump and outdoor electrical switch and some of the plumbing. (notice the temp on the thermometer)
pump and electrical

Here are some miscellaneous pictures of my brewery.

Thank you, to everyone that helped me along the way from planning to the actual building of my brewery.
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If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me